WordPress Website Editing for Croatian and English

WordPress Website Editing for Croatian and English

WordPress Website Editing for Croatian and English

Do you need professional editing and improvement for your WordPress website? I can help you!

I am Nikolina and I offer a professional and reliable support service for WordPress. This includes editing, maintenance and improvement of WordPress webpages for English and Croatian.

I work according to your wishes and needs, creating new pages and blog posts. I also improve existing websites for better ranking on Google, which brings more website traffic. Together with a WordPress developer, I can offer you a complete development and online marketing assistance for your WordPress webpages.

See below what I can do for you!


WordPress Website Editing for Croatian and English

I provide quick and professional help for WordPress websites: 

  • WordPress webpages and blog development
  • Editing the content of WordPress pages – I add new content, text, images… I change the content as agreed, and when necessary I help with marketing advices.
  • Creating and publishing news and new blog posts 
  • Web debugging  
  • Google optimization for Croatian and English – I improve websites for better ranking on Google so they are found by those who search for what you offer.
  • Responsive WordPress design – You get a responsive display of your website on mobile devices because today most people watch the web via mobile. 
  • WordPress website maintenance – Regular checking and updating everything you need in WordPress to make your website work properly. 


Additional Options for WordPress Webpages

The website needs to be constantly improved depending on the marketing plans and goals, and the needs of those you serve. But also, according to the requirements that Google prescribes for ranking in the search engine. With continuous improvement, we achieve great results for better communication via the web with your existing and new customers.

Here are the additional features we most often add to our clients’ websites: 

  • creating a new page for a new service, current event, or new offer.
  • creating a new blog post which increases the visibility of the website
  • adding picture gallery
  • adding user reviews and testimonials
  • contact form to send inquiries from the website
  • map location
  • newsletter subscription field
  • … and many others for better web visibility and quality marketing communication via the Internet.


Do You Need a Professional Help for Your WordPress Website and Blog?

Websites are successful only when they combine knowledge of WordPress technology and internet marketing. With my professional help, you will use the possibilities of the Internet to achieve quality communication with your existing and new clients and users.

Feel free to contact me and write in the message what you want to achieve, and I will be happy to help you achieve your goals!


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