Website Development and Maintenance for Croatian and English

Website Development and Maintenance for Croatian and English

Website Development and Maintenance for Croatian and English

Do you need a new website? Want to improve your existing websites that are already old and don’t present your offer in the right way? I can help you!

My name is Nikolina and one of my services is website development and maintenance for Croatian and English. I work according to your wishes and needs and I will help you to achieve your goals with quality webpages.

Find out below what I can do for you!


Website Development for Croatian and English

Website development includes:

  • MODERN WEBSITE DESIGN.  We use ready-made modern templates created by top web designers.  
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Our websites have the correct display on mobile devices, more on that below.
  • WEBSITE PROGRAMMING. I work with developers who have great experience with WordPress websites. Our work is done professionally, within a reasonable time. We can offer you website development for Croatian and English.
  • CONTENT CREATION. I can offer you help with preparing content for your webpages and blog, for English and Croatian.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. I recommend every client that we do optimization for Google, please find out more below.
  • WEBSITE MAINTENANCE. Regular maintenance will keep your website running properly over time. 


responsive web design Croatia

Responsive Website Design for Mobile Devices

Nowadays, it is very important that websites are displayed correctly on mobile devices. Internet users are searching for information via their mobile devices more often. Websites that are not displayed to them in the right way will be immediately bypassed.

This is why when creating a website we create a responsive design which will make sure that your website shows properly on mobile devices.

The content is customized depending on the screen size so that the visitor can view all the content and use all functionalities easily. In this way, we achieve a quality display of web pages on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


WordPress Website Maintenance 

To ensure that your website is functioning properly, we will regularly maintain and improve everything that is necessary regarding technical and content issues. We achieve the best results when we regularly monitor how users use the website and make it easier for them to get to the content they want. According to the visitor behavior, analytics and perceived opportunities, I will be happy to suggest improvements that will help you achieve even better results.

The website maintenance may include the following:

  • Troubleshooting and removing technical errors
  • Correcting and improving the display of text and images 
  • Backup, safety copy
  • Protection against spam and unwanted actions 
  • WordPress and plugin updates
  • Regular maintenance for the proper functioning of the website


Website Improvements According to Your Needs

Depending on your needs, we can create even the simplest websites, and later I can add new content and new functionalities as your new goals occurs. Here’s what I do most often:

  • WEBSITE EDITING FOR ENGLISH AND CROATIAN. Editing existing content and adding new content to websites, adding news and new blog posts. 
  • NEW SUBPAGES. I create new subpages for a new service, current event or new special offer.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITIES. Depending on your needs and requirements of your visitors, we can add a form for sending inquiries or booking appointments, location map, newsletter subscription field, image gallery and many other functionalities.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. I will be happy to improve your webpages according to what your potential customers, buyers and users are looking for. I take care of everything that is important in order for the web to appear in a high position in the Google search engine. This way your websites will be visible where people are looking for what you offer which will bring you your target audience. More information can be found here: Google optimization.
  • … and many other opportunities for your successful online marketing communication!


Better Website for Better Results! 

Website creating and maintaining is a job that must be done professionally from both a technical and marketing aspect. Way too often websites are created only by developers who unfortunately forget about very important marketing details and rules of internet marketing. I am a marketing expert and I work in collaboration with an experienced developer, so we offer everything you need for a quality website. 

I will be glad to meet you and hear your plans and wishes, and then together we will see how can I help you the best. Click on the button below which will take you to the next page where you can send your inquiry and all questions.

I look forward to make your successful website!


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