I am proud to present you my clients for whom I have successfully done targeted online marketing, increased their ranking on Google and brought them higher website traffic. Here are some projects where you can see what great results we have accomplished, and below is a list of all my clients.

I look forward to new collaborations and opportunities to continue helping hardworking people to be visible on Google and serve their ideal clients!





izrada web stranica Rex Rent

Targeted marketing on Google for Rex Rent from Istria:

  • We have created modern websites in English.
  • I have prepared quality content for the website according to what domestic and foreign tourists who come to Istria on holiday are looking for on Google. This means that a Google optimization was done. 
  • During each tourist season, I manage Google Ads that target tourists who are looking for services that my client offers in the south of Istria. 
  • I have created business listings for three locations on Google Maps, and I optimize and edit data whenever needed. 


  • Over 11,000 clicks on Google search in just 2 tourist seasons! 



Marketing web stranica

Targeted marketing on Google for Gabi Translations:

  • The translation agency had old websites, so we created new modern websites based on analytics and a new marketing strategy. 
  • I have prepared quality content for websites based on what potential customers are searching on Google search engine, which means optimization has been done for Google.
  • All this time I have been managing Google search ads that target people from Croatia and abroad who are searching for translation services. 
  • Based on analytics, I am continuously optimizing Google ads and website content in order to achieve increasing website traffic and even better results.


  • Over 200% more organic traffic via Google search engine and continuous growth in the number of new queries from Croatia and abroad!


nove web stranice

Higher ranking on Google for The Counseling Center Varaždin:

  • The counseling center had old websites and poor visibility on the Internet. First, we have created a marketing strategy, based on which we created a modern and quality website.
  • The new websites have a responsive design that gives a customized view on mobile devices, as users search the internet most often from mobile phones. 
  • I have prepared quality content for websites based on what potential users are searching for through Google search engine and what is important to them for the services being offered. A blog has also been added where a consultant can publish her expert articles. 
  • I have improved the business listing on Google Maps, which has increased visibility on Google. Users send their inquiries here and easily find a center upon their arrival.


  • More than 20,000 visitors to the website via Google search engine (organic traffic) and the continuous arrival of new users.


izrada web stranica na tri jezika

Modern trilingual websites for the company Dilogic:

  • The initial situation was such that the company had old websites only in Croatian and no English or German.
  • Together in a team with a project manager, developer and web designer, we have created modern and quality websites in three languages ​​(English, German and Croatian).
  • I helped to prepare the content in English and Croatian, and also with the visual quality of the website.   


  • Trilingual webpages that present the company’s services in a quality and professional manner and enable potential clients to send their inquiries.



dorada web stranica

More visibility on Google for the therapist studio ProVitalis:

  • The client had only a simple WordPress page that did not represent all of her services. 
  • Within the limited budget, I have upgraded the existing websites by adding subpages for each individual service. I have added quality content for new services that the client started to offer recently. Each subpage now presents a specific type of service for every target audience whose health problems can be solved by specific therapy.
  • I have improved the content of the website with a quality description of all services and relevant images.
  • During the creation of new subpages and while adding new content, Google optimization was done, which brought greater visibility on Google search engine. 


  • Continuous new inquiries and users seeking therapy services.


Better ranking and higher visibility on Google for foreign language school Kezele:

  • The school had old websites and poor visibility on Google. First, through marketing consulting, we have created profiles of ideal clients and put together a new marketing strategy. Based on that, new website was created. 
  • I have optimized the main landing pages to contain key information and relevant images for potential new users for individual courses or school programs.
  • I have improved the listing on Google Maps, which has further increased the visibility on Google search engine.
  • I have created targeted ads on Google that brought new potential clients to website. 


  • Increasing number of queries and new for school attendees.


Targeted marketing on Google for Private Dental Clinic Ćaleta Cupek:

  • The clinic had old websites and unoptimized ads on Google search engine. First, through marketing consulting, we developed a marketing strategy based on which new websites were created that target ideal clients. 
  • For the main landing pages, I did search engine optimization (SEO optimization) which brought better visibility on Google. 
  • I have created new Google ads that we use for targeted advertising, further increasing visibility on Google for targeted keywords. In this way, we bring potential new users of services from the county and the surrounding area. 


  • The website is now more visible on Google to those who are searching for dental services in that city. The number of irrelevant inquiries has been reduced and inquiries from new customers come regularly.


What My Clients Say:

“I warmly recommend Nikolina to small entrepreneurs! Nikolina’s help and the knowledge she shared with me helped me significantly improve my business. It was a great help in finding my ideal clients. Definitely an investment that pays off!”

Katarina L., the owner of Counseling Center

“I am very glad that I found the right person who encourages you in the right direction. I am very, very, very happy with the service. Communication with Nikolina is simple and everything she recommended me to do has brought results.”

Silvia K., foreign language school

“Amazing, it’s great. I haven’t met someone in a long time who I felt cared about my goal as much as I did. Thank you!”

M.M., the owner of a private health facility

“Professional personalized marketing service that gives results! I warmly recommend Nikolina to all ‘small’ entrepreneurs.”

Isidora V., proofreading business


Thank You!

Below is a list of all the clients who have enabled me to help them on the path to their success. I am grateful for their trust and I look forward to continuing to help hardworking people to serve their ideal clients!


  • Afrodita, health care
  • Agile Way, coaching 
  • Androlić, consulting
  • AZ Tiva, insurance
  • Bellis Perennis, laundry services
  • Conpata, business consulting and EU funding
  • Cronata, consulting
  • Dom Mraz, health care
  • Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, Zagreb
  • Epulo, catering
  • Evolva, software company
  • Gabi translations
  • In Eternum, publishing
  • Interpolis, production
  • Konekta, coaching
  • Lambot, architectural services
  • Life beyond coaching
  • Logopedski studio Logos, speech therapist
  • Odvjetnica Nives Grgić Bažon, lawyer
  • Omnia translations
  • Dental clinic Ćaleta Cupek
  • PROVitalis, physiotherapist
  • Prudencia consulting
  • Pučko otvoreno učilište Varaždin, education
  • Rex Rent, bike and quad rental
  • Consulting Center 
  • Shanti ayurveda, health care
  • High school Ivanec
  • Foreign language school Kezele
  • Tehno-park Varaždin
  • TransIT, translation
  • Translatora, translation
  • Udruga Pokreni ideju, non-profit organization
  • Udruga Djeca Ljubavi, non-profit organization
  • Udruga Laurentius, non-profit organization
  • Val, commercial productions
  • Verbarium, proofreading
  • Zagrebački plesni ansambl, dance organization