About me

About me

About me

Nikolina Tomašković

I am Nikolina Tomašković and I am the owner of Expertiva Croatia. I live in my hometown Varaždin, and I used to live in Zagreb and for a short time in the US.

I graduated in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. The most valuable life and professional knowledge I have acquired through exchange programmes in many countries, education, charity activities and adventurous travels around the world.

Nikolina Tomašković

I started my career in the production company Val productions in Zagreb. I have managed commercial shootings and was very successful in team coordination. This was a great opportunity for me to cooperate with successful companies and marketing agencies in the region. As a marketing manager in the software company Evolva, I created marketing from scratch and laid the foundations for their marketing. For the quality management system, which successfully won ISO 9001 certification, I have created all documentation. This is where my attention to detail and skillful use of IT tools showed as a huge strength. My ability to gather relevant information and presentation skills are also visible in the preparation of applications for tenders. 100% of the projects for which I prepared grant applications were successfully approved. I am especially proud that the presentation I prepared for the production of promotional videos, on the occasion of Croatia joining the European Union, was evaluated positively with special praise from the jury.

I hold marketing workshops and courses online, at the Academy of Entrepreneurship in Varaždin and at the Academy for Craftsmen. I write articles for the magazine Poduzetnik (entrepreneur in Croatian), Business Titans, Mentorica.biz and others.

After more frequent requests from my friends and colleagues to help them be more successful, I started to work as a freelancer.


WHY I Do What I Do?

My values ​​are: kindness, serving others, change, relevance, awareness, honesty, relief, progress and joy. I am guided by these values ​​in my work, as well as by what I believe in:

  • I believe that the meaning of life is to serve others and make positive changes.
  • I believe it is important that we do what we are great at and what we love doing.
  • I believe that the information we get online must be relevant and useful.


HOW Do I Bring Changes? 

  • I make diligent people, who offer quality and useful services and products, visible to those who need them to solve their problems.
  • I bring relevant content to those who can benefit from it.
  • I help my clients serve their ideal clients.


WHAT Am I Doing? 

  • I do targeted advertising on Google in Croatian and English.
  • I do webpages improvements for Croatian and English.
  • I provide marketing consulting and training for targeted marketing.



My Company and Certificates 

I founded Expertiva in 2015 and since then I have been helping ambicious individuals to serve their ideal clients. The name Expertiva is a  combination of the word expert and perspective, which reflects my vision to help individuals build success based on what they are the best and unique at.

My clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, therapists of different kinds, educational institutions and others who do business in Croatia and abroad. What they all have in common is that they do a great job, they love what they do and through their expertise they serve their ideal clients, customers and users.


I gather the latest marketing and business knowledge from Google and other top experts on how to do successful marketing and achieve great results with minimal resources.

I received the latest training and certification for Google Ads and a certificate for Inbound Marketing from HubSpot, one of the world’s leading marketing educators.

I regularly improve my knowledge in the field of psychology, business and personal development. The practice of meditation also helps me in my work and I enjoy writing about entrepreneurial and personal development. I am grateful to help people with my written words to cope with business and life challenges.



What My Clients Say:

“I warmly recommend Nikolina Tomašković to small entrepreneurs! Nikolina’s help and the knowledge she shared with me helped me significantly improve my business. It was a great help in finding my ideal clients. Definitely an investment that pays off!”

Katarina L., the owner of Counseling Center

“I am very glad that I found the right person who encourages you in the right direction. I am very, very, very happy with the service. Communication with Nikolina is simple and everything she recommended me to do has brought results.”

Silvia K., foreign language school

“Amazing, it’s great. I haven’t met someone in a long time who I felt cared about my goal as much as I did. Thank you!”

M.M., the owner of a private health facility

“Professional personalized marketing service that gives results! I warmly recommend Nikolina Tomašković to all ‘small’ entrepreneurs.”

Isidora V., proofreading business



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