Marketing Specialist – Marketing Consulting

Marketing Specialist – Marketing Consulting

Marketing Specialist – Marketing Consulting

Do you need an expert advice for your marketing? Interested in how to do successful online marketing? Do you want more traffic for your website? You are in the right place, because as a marketing expert I offer online marketing consulting.


Nikolina Tomašković

I am Nikolina Tomašković, the owner of Expertiva Croatia, and I help enterpreneurs to serve their ideal clients.

My clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, therapists, educational institutions and others who work in Croatia and abroad. What they all have in common is that they do a great job and love what they do. Through their expertise they serve their ideal clients, customers and users.

Marketing is a huge challenge today, especially if you do everything alone or in a small team. That is why it is important to have professional help in order to achieve your goals within an acceptable budget.

For marketing activities to be effective, it is important to create targeted marketing that will bring you those who need what you offer. If that’s not the case right now, it’s time to create your new marketing. The first step towards that is marketing consulting.

Find out below what does the consultation include and what afterward. For making an appointment send me a message: Make an appointment!


What Does Marketing Consulting Look Like?

Here is what my clients usually say when they ask for the consulting, and I am sure you will find your current challenges here as well:

  • “We haven’t done any marketing so far… where should to start?”
  • “We have our website, but no one find us through them. How to increase website traffic?”
  • “Our marketing activities no longer bring us results. We need to do something new.”
  • “We want to be visible on the internet… what can you recommend us?”
  • “We want new clients/customers to find us on Google, how do we do that?”

These are just some of many inquiries I receive. If you resonate with any of these issues (or maybe even all of them) let me know because I believe I can help you.

First, you will fill out my marketing consulting questionnaire. Then we will go through your questions and dilemmas and the main marketing issues that are necessary to lay a solid foundation for your targeted marketing. With my guidance you will learn how to do marketing for your target audience by increasing your visibility on the internet and reaching your potential clients, customers, users.


How Long Does Marketing Consultation Take? 

Consultation takes 2 hours. After you send the completed questionnaire, we will arrange an appointment. We can have the consultation online via video call (Skype, Zoom) or by phone, what works the best for you. 


And What After Consultation?

Once we discover where the greatest room for improvement is, we will define the following steps. You will learn what you need to change and it will be clearer how to make a successful marketing communication. Then we will arrange specific marketing activities.

Depending on what we find necessary, we can create new modern and quality webpages or I will help you improve your existing website. Then we can run search ads on Google, display ads on Internet portals, etc. For most of my clients who go through consulting, I did targeted marketing that, thanks to everything we went through at the consultation and agreed on, brought great results. 

I will be glad to direct you to the right path, but also to guide you on this path!


What my Clients Say:

“I warmly recommend Nikolina to small entrepreneurs! Nikolina’s help and the knowledge she shared with me helped me significantly improve my business. It was a great help in finding my ideal clients. Definitely an investment that pays off!”

Katarina L., the owner of Counseling Center

“I am very glad that I found the right person who encourages you in the right direction. I am very, very, very happy with the service. Communication with Nikolina is simple and everything she recommended me to do has brought results.”

Silvia K., foreign language school

“Amazing, it’s great. I haven’t met someone in a long time who I felt cared about my goal as much as I did. Thank you!”

M.M., the owner of a private health facility

“Professional personalized marketing service that gives results! I warmly recommend Nikolina to all ‘small’ entrepreneurs.”

Isidora V., proofreading business


How to Make an Appointment?

To make an appointment, click on the button below and send me your inquiry. Write briefly, but be completely honest, what is your biggest challenge currently and what you need my help with. If you’re not sure what exactly you need, that’s ok, write that. After you send your message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to help you to make targeted online marketing so you can successfully serve your ideal clients!


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