Google Optimization. Website Optimization for Google

Google Optimization. Website Optimization for Google

Google Optimization. Website Optimization for Google

If you want a higher position on Google and more traffic to your website, what you need is Google optimization!


Nikolina Tomašković

I am Nikolina and I do Google search engine optimization for my clients, in English and Croatian.

My clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, therapists, educational institutions and others who work in Croatia and abroad. What they all have in common is that they do a great job and love what they do. With their experience and expertise they creating visible changes and serve their ideal clients, customers and users.

I do Google optimization as well as advertising on Google. In this way, I enable websites to have a better ranking on Google so they are visible to the right audience. My clients thus get more website traffic and better business success.

Find out below what does the optimization include and what collaboration models I offer. For all questions and offer for your website optimization send me a message!


Google Optimization Services

Depending on the specific needs and goals we want to achieve with the website, I offer the following services:

  • WEBSITE CONTENT IMPROVEMENTS – I create quality and relevant content for webpages that will be visible in search results on Google.
  • NEW CONTENT SUGGESTIONS – I give suggestions for new pages and blog posts, based on opportunities I find in analytics.
  • BLOG EDITING – I can help you create a blog on your existing or new website, add and optimize new content for your blog.
  • TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENTS – in collaboration with a website developer we can remove errors on your website. We can add new functionalities and make your website work better. 
  • GOOGLE SEARCH ADS – I create targeted search ads that will get you more visibility to your audience and more traffic to your website. 
  • GREATEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENTS – based on analytics, I recognize the best opportunities for your internet marketing and help you take advantage of them.


Search engine optimization (SEO optimization) is one of the best ways to reach those who will be happy to have found you. For best results, it is necessary to regularly improve the website with search engine optimization. However, sometimes only a small on-page improvement can be enough for great results.

Feel free to contact me and I will analyze your current situation and suggest the best optimization plan for your website.


Cooperation Models 

Depending on your specific situation and needs, I can offer you one of these models of cooperation:

    • This model will suit you if you have a clear goal that we can achieve through small website improvements. First, we will agree on what you want to achieve and then I will do the necessary changes on your website.
    • This model is for you if you want to increase traffic to your website in an environment where competition is already quite visible on Google. I will do improvements on the website, then based on analytics I will give suggestions for further improvements. We will do this for 3 months in a row. This cooperation model is the most popular among my clients because in this way we can achieve significant results.
    • This model is for you if you regularly change and post new content on your websites. I optimize existing content regularly and help to prepare a new content. Through continuous optimization, I help to improve webpages long term and create a relevant content according to the specific needs of your targeted audience. This will bring you constant website traffic and happy audience!

If you are not sure which model of cooperation suits you the best, no problem. Feel free to contact me and we will find out together. Send me a message!


Ready to Optimize for Google?

If you are not satisfied with the current look, content and results of your website, contact me now for Google search engine optimization.

With optimization you will get a quality website that brings ideal visitors to the website in the long run. You will achieve successful communication with your existing and new users via the Internet.

I look forward to bring you your ideal clients and users through Google! 



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