Google Business Profile (Google My Business) – support services Croatia

Google Business Profile (Google My Business) – support services Croatia

Google Business Profile (Google My Business) – support services Croatia

Google Business Profile (known before as Google My Business) is a business listing at the top of Google search results and on Google Maps. Such a display on the popular Google search engine allows your potential customers, buyers and users to find you online and at your physical location.

I can create a new listing for your company or optimize your existing business listing on Google, and help you to be visible to your potential customers. Learn more about Google Business Profile below, and if you need a professional help feel free to send me a message!


What Is Google Business Profile And Who Is It For?

Google Business Profile is a representation of a business on Google. The data you enter is visible at the top of search results on Google and on Google Maps. This way you are immediately visible to those who are looking for your company or organization, or what you offer in general. 

At the very top of the search results are displayed:

  • Company name
  • Address, the physical location
  • Telephone number
  • Website link
  • Working hours
  • Reviews
  • Your current offer, services and products, company news


I recommend this marketing tool to companies, sole proprietors, organizations and institutions whose clients, customers and users come to their physical location (like massage studio, shop, restaurant, public institution…) or if you perform the service at the client’s location (plumber, delivery…). It is in your best interest to be easily and quickly found by those who are looking for the service you offer and you want them to be able to contact you immediately. 


How To Create Business Listing on Google?

You can do everything related to creating and editing a business listing on Google by yourself via this link: Google Business.

If you want a professional help with Google Business Profile, I can help you with the following:

  • BUSINESS LISTING ON GOOGLE. I can create your business listing on Google.
  • DATA UPDATE. I can change the data at your Google Business profile whenever your need to change the location, phone number, opening hours and other information. 
  • GOOGLE SUPPORT. For all requests that require direct contact with Google, I can do so on your behalf to get things done quicker and easier. 
  • UNLIMITED FREE LISTING ON GOOGLE MAPS. Once the business listing is active on Google Maps, it will be visible for an unlimited amount of time, completely free of charge. 


What Else You Need To Know…

Here are a few very important notes about your business listing on Google Maps you need to know:

  • YOU CAN’T DELETE YOUR LISTING. Once you create a business listing on Google, it won’t be possible to delete it completely. It is only possible to change the data or mark that the company is closed. 
  • DATA CHANGES AT ANY TIME. At any time, you can change information, company name, address, business hours, phone number, photos, and other data.
  • YOU CAN’T DELETE REVIEWS. Clients and users can rate your service and their reviews are visible to everyone and cannot be changed or deleted.
  • CONTACTING GOOGLE SUPPORT CAN TAKE A WHILE. Sometimes the change you want to do requires help from Google support and that can take several days.


Want a Professional Help With Your Business Listing on Google? 

If you would like to put your business on Google Maps or you need help with how your business looks like on Google, I will be happy to help you with that. Let me help you to take the advantage of the internet marketing opportunities offered by Google.

Make your business visible on Google and be easily and quickly found by customers and users who need your products and services! 


Send me a message!