Advertising on Google – Google Ads in Croatian and English

Advertising on Google – Google Ads in Croatian and English

Advertising on Google – Google Ads in Croatian and English

Want to advertise on Google? You are in the right place, because I offer professional advertising on Google, for Croatian and English, which will put your offer in the hands of those who search for what you offer.


Nikolina Tomašković

I’m Nikolina and I do Google advertising for my clients.

My clients are small business owners, entrepreneurs, therapists of various kinds, educational institutions and others who work in different countries. What they all have in common is that they do a great job and they love what they do. With their experience and expertise they serve their clients, customers and users, by creating visible changes.

I do Google advertising and website improvements for my clients. In this way, I enable their websites to have a better ranking on Google and are visible to the right audience, which brings them more website traffic and ultimately greater success for their business.

Find out the benefits and costs of advertising on Google below, and if you want to work with me send me a message!


Why is advertising on Google better than advertising on other channels?

Advertising on Google (Google Search Ads) is the most cost-effective form of online advertising because for an acceptable budget you get great benefits:

  • higher ranking on Google, a search engine where people search for what they need,
  • higher website traffic,
  • targeted advertising for a specific audience,
  • concrete results in numbers,
  • and what is the most important, you are found by your ideal clients who need what you have to offer.


The right combination of ads for more website traffic

If you want to increase the visibility and traffic to your website and allow those who are looking for what you offer to find you, start advertising on Google today. I can also offer you advertising on web portals where we display ads across the Internet.

I usually combine both forms of advertising to achieve the best results in each specific situation and within budget. Depending on your needs, I will suggest the best ad combination for you.


How much does advertising on Google cost?

And now, one of the most important questions which is how much does Google advertising cost. The price of advertising on Google consists of three parts:

  • CREATING NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN – first I do research and based on research I create ads that I do creatively and with a specific goal. Designing and creating a new advertising campaign depends on the complexity.
  • ADVERTISING COST (monthly) – you pay advertising per click, and the price of a click can be half a euro and more. According to your goals and possibilities, we will agree on the monthly budget you want to spend.
  • GOOGLE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT (monthly) – I monitor and improve your ads to get the best results possible, and at the end of each month I send you a report. The monthly management of the campaign depends on the size of the campaign.

NOTE: You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and comes to your website, and your ads appear only to your target audience. That’s why Google ads are the most cost-effective form of advertising.

Send me a message with details about your plans and wishes for Google Ads campaign, and I’ll send you an offer. 







targeted advertising on Google

1-2-3 Targeted Advertising on Google

If you want online advertising that will deliver results over longer period of time, I can offer you a 1-2-3 package for targeted advertising on Google. This is the package of services that my clients like the most because it brings them the right audience to their websites in the long run. Here’s what the package consists of:

1. Marketing Consulting

First, I will help you to identify who your ideal clients are and you will immediately see why your (most likely very old) webpages are not working. And then we will create your new marketing strategy that will focus on your ideal client.

2. Website Optimization for Google

We will improve the existing content on your website and add quality new content, with additional improvements. This is the SEO optimization or Google optimization, which you have probably already heard of. Targeted improvements will increase traffic to your website and enhance the performance of ads.

3. Targeted Ads on Google

I will create an advertising campaign on Google that will bring your target audience to your website. We will highlight how you are different from the competition and we will provide all the key information that will raise interest of those who are looking for what you offer. 



Your website is visible on Google and your ideal clients come to you!



What my clients say:

“I warmly recommend Nikolina to small entrepreneurs! Nikolina’s help and the knowledge she shared with me helped me significantly improve my business. It was a great help in finding my ideal clients. Definitely an investment that pays off!”

Katarina L., the owner of Counseling Center

“I am very glad that I found the right person who encourages you in the right direction. I am very, very, very happy with the service. Communication with Nikolina is simple and everything she recommended me to do has brought results.”

Silvia K., foreign language school

“Amazing, it’s great. I haven’t met someone in a long time who I felt cared about my goal as much as I did. Thank you!”

M.M., the owner of a private health facility

“Professional personalized marketing service that gives results! I warmly recommend Nikolina to all ‘small’ entrepreneurs.”

Isidora V., proofreading business


My certificates and happy clients

I gather the latest knowledge from Google and other top experts on how to do effective advertising on Google and achieve the desired results with an acceptable budget and minimal resources.

I won the latest official certificate for Google Ads by Google. I am also proud to won a certificate for Inbound Marketing from HubSpot, one of the world’s leading marketing educators.

The successes of my satisfied clients, whom I helped to become visible on Google and to get their websites in the hands of their ideal clients, customers and users, you can find here: References.



Want to work with me?

If you’re interested in Google advertising or the 1-2-3 targeted advertising package, get in touch with me right now, so we can create your targeted advertising on Google. For all questions and offer, click on the button below and send me a message via the form on the next page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be glad to hear how can I help you in the best way.

I look forward to make your offer visible on Google and increasing traffic to your website!